Polished Concrete

These floors are perfect for many applications. They are decorative, but are extremely durable.
commercial polished concrete

Commercial Environments

Very durable and easy to maintain flooring. Perfect for heavy foot traffic or light vehicle traffic.
residential polished concrete

Residential Spaces

Decorative and easy to clean. Perfect for inside the home.

We are here to walk you through all of the steps in your concrete polishing project, from the initial walk through, design & color choice, product selection, and installation. From a low cost, high value, industrial concrete floor finish to a chemically resistant resin coating like epoxy or urethane’s, we can help! Check out our recent project to see before and after pictures of polished concrete and other decorative concrete floors finishes. Our attention to detail and great customer service has earned us a reputation as the number one floor polisher by local contractors, business owners and property owners. Our concrete polishing service will give you a floor that is durable, easy to maintain and has an unique look just for you.

polished concrete in a cafeteria
hospital with polished concrete
polished concrete utah

About Polished Concrete Utah

Here at Professional Concrete Coatings we have worked everywhere from mobile homes to dairy farms. There are many places where extremely tough yet decorative finish is the perfect fit. Here are some of the best applications:


  • Gym Floors
  • School Floors
  • Restaurant Floors 
  • Food Preparation Floors
  • Warehouse Floors
  • Residential Floors
  • Military Installations
  • Grocery Store Floors
  • Retail Shop Floors
  • Salon Floors
  • Barber Shop Floors
  • Home Improvement Store Floors
  • Manufacturing Facility Floors
  • Office Floors
  • Church Floors
  • Prison Floors
  • Library Floors
  • Museum Floors
  • Auto Dealer Floors
  • Garage Floors
polished concrete utah

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Here are the answers to many of the questions we get about polished concrete. If you still have questions feel free to reach out to us.
How long does the process take?

Polishing concrete can take anywhere from a few days to a month depending on needs and size of the project.

How long will this floor last?

The sealer and densifier will increase the longevity of the concrete, but this flooring applications life is dependent of the concrete slab itself. That being said it is hard to know exactly how long the floor will last.

What do you seal the floor with?

We offer many sealer fro acrylic to epoxy coatings. Contact us to learn more about what is right for your project.

How much does the floor cost?
In order to give you the most accurate quote we like to come see your project. We offer free estimates.
How can I learn more?
If you want to learn more about the concrete polishing process as well as some of the benefits feel free to contact us or check out this article on polished concrete. Check out this video to see some polished concrete projects.